Friday, August 13, 2010

(Amanda) cold pizza crust you flicked an ant off of and double stuf golden oreos = Breakfast of Champions!

I am finally glad that I keep a change of clothes in the trunk of my car. After work yesterday I changed into long pants and a long sleeved shirt and spent the night on the Mayflower II - as a chaperone type person for one of the summer adventure groups. After games, and ship's food, and rowing, and a showing of Desperate Crossing (much more interesting when you can recognize faces among the re-enactors and historians!) I bunked down in the Great Cabin, but not for too long, as I had the 4:30am-6:30am "watch." There had to be an adult up at all times (and I guess I count as one of those) to handle emergencies/bathroom runs/et-cetera. It was a bit chilly and damp (thanks to those who loaned me blankets) but I got to watch the sunrise over the harbor from the deck of the ship, which was an amazing experience. I drove "home" in the morning, slept for a few hours, put myself back together, and went to my last day as an Intern here. What with the exhaustion, the fun, and the last minute running around/envelope stuffing, the last two days have been pretty surreal.

Now, on to laundry and loading up the car :o)

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