Saturday, May 15, 2010

(Mary) and so it begins

Well, here I am.

I went to the grocery store this evening and spent about $45. I've got some hamburger, a couple hamburger helper boxes (I'm still in college, even if it is summer), some pancake mix, cooking oil, eggs, bread, lunch meat, lettuce, carrots, cereal, milk, orange juice, and a pitcher.

I got back to the apartment and realized I do not have a pot. I do not have a kettle. I do not have a spatula. So I still don't have anything real to eat.

I brought a frying pan from home, and I almost bought a pot at the grocery store. They were roughly $99. I will boil water in my frying pan before I spend $99 on a pot.

Thrift and resale stores, here I come... well, on Monday. And then I will have pots.

Oh, pots. Our windowsills need some green.

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