Tuesday, May 18, 2010

(Mary) descent into the underworld: hotter'n hell!

My roommate moved in last night. We've now got a couch, another dresser, a dining room table and chairs, a full set of pots, and a few other goodies. When everything was put away, she suggested that we christen the place somehow.

We're both women, so we thought we wouldn't strip naked and beat each other up. Instead, we made cupcakes.

This evening, we got back to the apartment between five and six. We opened the door and it was really warm in the apartment. Weird. I opened a window, blew my nose, changed my clothes, and started thinking about dinner. We had a pot, so it was going to be spaghetti. Finally. I went over to the kitchen and it was even warmer there. Did we-

The oven was still on.

Total damage: one chocolate bar melted

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  1. Some life lessons you just can't learn in your mother's home.