Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(Mary) nineteen things that made me want to vomit today

1. "touch base."

2. "underutilize."

3. a meeting called a "summit."

4. "revitalizing."

5. "dialogue."

6. think tanks, and the word "think tank" taken seriously

7. "diversification."

8. "developing partnerships."

9. "a new economic future" (as opposed to the old future?)

10. "enlightened cooperation"

11. "thrusts" (unless it's something you do with a spear to an enemy)

12. "sector" (unless it's being used in sci-fi movies)

13. "vision" (unless you're at the eye doctor)

14. "catalyst" in reference to the guy who writes grants

15. "liquidation"

16. "remarks" if they're actually speeches

17. "liveable communities"

18. "retrofitting"

19. an ad for a St. Patrick's Day Bash -- bash featuring a midget stripper and ad featuring her photo with eye-catching, carefully-placed cartoon shamrocks

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