Friday, May 28, 2010

(Mary) outside the office

Toledo (AP) --

My roommate and I have gotten into cooking and decided to write a food blog which will turn into a cookbook which will make us millions.

Today we got out of work early, went to Goodwill (parked on the roof!), then to a flea market, then to a yard sale. I got a big floppy blue hat for a dollar (thank you roommate for talking me into it!) and a really sweet mug that I think will be filled with ivy shortly.

I finished part I of book II of Lord of the Rings last night.

Yesterday we walked to UT campus to the library. I went to the front desk and asked where all the books were.

Today we stopped at one of the city libraries and I was happy. A few computers, aisles and aisles of books, a children's section, some African art in a display case, books on George Washington Carver, Jesse Owens, and Harriet Tubman in prominent view, murals of children reading -- this is what a library is supposed to look like. I felt totally at home. We found out that if we bring in anything with our address on it -- a piece of mail, for example -- we can get library cards. I started reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (a book I've been intending to read since middle school) and next time I go back to the library, I can probably bring the book home with me. Hooray!

I think Amanda's right: we should put something at the top of our blog posts to identify ourselves when we write.

Things Toledo has lots of: farmers markets. secondhand/antique/thrift stores. beautiful Catholic churches. beautiful Lutheran (at least two), Presbyterian (at least one), Orthodox (Greek, at least one), and even Baptist (at least one) churches.

Maybe it's just because of where I grew up, but I think of Baptist churches as being run-down old houses and former dollar stores, but there's at least one here that's looks like a church (except it sort of looks like a really nice elementary school with colored window-glass in the shape of Crosses). It's clean, nice brick work, etc.

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