Sunday, May 30, 2010

(Mary) words, words everywhere but not a drop to read

I had some local history research to do, and I heard that there was a good local history section at the main branch of the public library. Aside from churches, the main library is my favorite building in the city (so far). It's probably the best library I've ever seen.

In the atrium is a mosaic near the ceiling, wrapping around the wall like a border. On it are pictures of learning and history: Moses with the 10 commandments, Archimedes, compasses, Shakespeare telescopes, George Washington Carver, etc. etc. etc. They're all blended together beautifully.

The ceiling is glass and it's two floors above, and it's got some huge plants hanging over.

The children's room is the best part. There's a huge (six or seven foot tall) book with a doorway cut into it, just the size for little kids. Bookshelves are ended with carved theater masks, statue of liberty, a girl running away carrying a clock (which displays the correct time). There's a toddler room with three or four doorways of various sizes, and on the wall are mosaics of David and Goliath, Joan of Arc, Odysseus, the Pied Piper, and other such things.

Oh, and everywhere there's shelves and shelves and shelves of books.

I managed to make it to the local history room -- which was impressive, too -- and spend about an hour researching. Then I wandered one more floor up and went to the little park/plaza thing they had outside -- a couple rose bushes, a couple picnic tables with chairs, grass, all overlooking the skyline (on one side) and the parking lot (on the other). I lay down on the grass and stared up at the sky. Ah. I had my own book to read. I rolled over and opened to where my bookmark fell out.

Just then my phone rang. It was time for us to head out.

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