Wednesday, May 26, 2010

(Maddie) Packing My Life Away... fellow blog compatriots have gotten ahead of me [Amanda-1, Mary-4, me-ZIP!], so it's about time I actually posted something, darn it!

The only internship experience I have to post about thus far is the agonizing process of packing for my flight to packing it is. Now, let me preface this with the fact that I have not flown on a plane since the time I was in second grade--a family trip to Disney World in Florida--and am slightly nervous about the prospect of doing so. I flew during a time when security was minimal and my cares were minute. My comrade-interns at least have the luxury of packing their cars bound for Ohio and Massachusetts with various things other than clothes and other basic "essentials." Hell, they can bring stuffed animals, kitchen utensils, 3 oz. + bottles of liquids, sharp tools, a plethora of objects that would normally be confiscated by the TSA, and BOOKS. I only have one book [+ Bible], bringing about my first major complaint. I wish I could bring more than one book [+ Bible] with me...but, I cannot sacrifice my pair of business casual high heels and shirts to do so.

My friends will not be crammed like sardines into a pressurized tin can flying several thousand feet in the air. Thus, my packing [and next 10 weeks of wardrobe] are reduced to nothing more than 1 checked bag, 1 carry-on, and 1 personal item [aka "purse"]. Packing for the airline is almost as annoying as the initial stages of the paper-writing process. You're not quite sure where to start...But, you take stock of everything that is in front of you, and you have to decide what is most "essential" and go with it. [RANDOM TANGENT (please treat as the equivalent of a footnote written for a 3AM paper, which I have never done before, but have vivid accounts from several friends): The word "essential" is a rather over-used in modern conversation. Too many people count their iPhones as a necessary part of their physical being (whereas a century ago, it was the basics of life--food, water, shelter, etc). I guess that, in a certain sense, I am guilty of doing so, too...just not with an Apple product...ick! But, I digress. END TANGENT] You not only have to choose what is essential, but what you are also willing to give up if the airline workers choose to sacrifice your bag to the airport gods. For me, this is rather difficult, considering that the majority of my actual wardrobe fits in my checked bag. I have bag insurance, but...that does not stop me from worrying [because I am me]. Plus, my wardrobe is a slowly evolving entity, not a rapid adaptation to the latest horrid "fashion" trend [Can't you tell I intensely dislike most current fashion?].

I like lists and started making them for the past 2 weeks in order to decide what needed to come with me. When my friends read this, they will say: "Yep...that is exactly what she would do." And, I did. My material life is currently packed away in the living room as I await my early morning flight tomorrow - pieces of clothing that have wonderful memories attached to them. Two bags will stay with me on the plane and the other [full of clothes] will [hopefully] make it to California. Wish me safe travels. My next post will be from California:)

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  1. I second this: lists make the world a better place