Monday, June 7, 2010

(Amanda) Dagmar in a Club Car

Well, to begin with I forgot my name tag. While this was hardly the end of the world, it was a bit embarrassing. After dodging a faulty alarm system and meeting some/most of the other interns, we (my roommate K, our fellow Curatorial intern B, and myself) followed our boss around on a tour of the collections building (too small) and the visitor's center/offices (in layout much like the Sage center, but with a courtyard and a tower where the theater is). We later joined the Education interns (my other group of co-workers.... though I won't work with them for a month and a half or so) for a short walk through the Wampanoag Homesite and the 1627 English Village (sooooo many kinds of amazing). We had time to explore before lunch, a treat from our boss, then she took us on a driving tour of the immediate area. After that jaunt we retreated to the back room of the collections building to process some new books. And that was that.

Things I learned today:

- Writing book spine labels in sharpie (legibly) can be difficult

- I am a passable golf cart driver, even with patrons on board - it is the patrons in the road that are the trouble

- When not wearing a name tag, I apparently look as though my name should be Dagmar (I was so dubbed by the director of Wampanoag research [not his actual title]) The name is derived from "day" and "maid" in Old Norse - a fitting title for an intern.

Also, there is an (entirely male) group of interns working on developing an authentic 17th C. Shakespeare experience, in a theater they are creating themselves in an old exhibit space. I think this is just about the coolest thing ever. I have to figure out how to hang out with them without seeming too fangirly...

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