Thursday, June 17, 2010

(Mary) craziness

ok, sorry for not posting lately. things have been crazy. I went home for my little sister's graduation, and when I got back found out that a tornado swept through and killed 5 people (now 6), and a high school was completely destroyed, and we were going to be in the office / in the field pretty late.

some cool stuff happened, though. I spoke with a couple married 79 years -- both are 100 years old. I interviewed a harp builder for 45 minutes.

There's a new intern in our office, started Monday, and he seems pretty cool.

Past two weekends I was gone (graduation, then open house/party) and most weeknights we spend working, cooking, chilling, etc. I went for a walk this evening, stayed out for about an hour, found some black raspberries. A few are ripe; the rest will be ready within the week, I think.

Right now my big project is figuring out how to get pencil marks off a piece of unfinished wood. I bought a 5x7 oval at Michael's and I'm drawing on it, but I made some mistakes. It feels good on my brain to do something other than words.

We made tomato sauce the other day; it was really super good.

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