Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(Maddie) First Few Days on the Job

Well, I have been at my film production internship for 3 work days [I'm on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule] and have enjoyed it so far. One of the major duties of film production interns throughout the entire film industry is writing coverages. "Coverages" are the industry standard for reviewing movie scripts. You provide basic information, a log line, a short summary, and a 2-page synopsis as well as an analyzation of the characters, plot structure, concept, etc. Finally, you recommend either to "pass" or "consider" the script for production. Right now, it takes me 2-3 three hours to read a standard 120-page script [2 hour movie] and another 2-4 hours to write a 5-page coverage. My speed and quality will improve with time. I'm not allowed to divulge the plots of the scripts - big surprise. So far, most of the scripts I have read have been passes. Hopefully I will run into a winner soon:)

Other internship duties include the usual: bringing people coffee, keeping the office clean, running errands on the fly, etc. I've been learning a lot about film production and enjoying it thoroughly. The office atmosphere is great and the people are wonderful. There is a little area where all of the interns gather in the back and frantically attempt to finish coverages while running missions for various higher-ups. I'm still meeting new interns because each of them is on a different schedule. Although I have no official number, it seems like # interns > # fulltimers.

I love independent film studios:)

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