Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(Maddie) Crooked Portrait = Earthquake Evidence

I got an official welcome to L.A. and did not even notice. Apparently, we had a sizable earthquake sometime around 2:00 AM on Monday. [SIDE NOTE: I did not notice because I was deep in REM cycle at that moment in time. If it had woken me up, I would have sat bolt upright and completely awake because 1. I noticed the earthquake and 2. I would have been woken up in the middle of REM. Thank goodness I was not woken up because I would have been really cranky that Monday, having not finished a complete sleep cycle.] Anywho, people were talking about it and I felt completely left out of a key Californian communal experience. It was big enough to scare little children, but not big enough to wake me up. Bummer. Or not.

However, I did notice today that the daffodil painting in the hallway is off kilter by about a half-inch. I specifically remember straightening it that weekend. Ha! Mwahaha! You did not just quietly quake in the night under my radar, earth! I have caught you red-handed:P Ha!

P.S. Earth, I am not trying to provoke you to quake at a higher magnitude. Please remain rather quiet during my time in SoCal. Thanks.

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