Friday, July 30, 2010

(Amanda) *long pause*

Well, um, life.... progresses

After today I have two work weeks here, then I set off for home. Things are fine, but as usual the work sort of snowballs towards the end and everything feels a bit rushed and blurry.
It rained yesterday, then in the evening it was really nice out, today promises to be lovely as well (I have devolved into talking about the weather...sorry).
This weekend is a trip to Sturbridge, so that should be nice... and that is just about all that is going on. I research and read and catalog and go home and research and read. I started a novel yesterday, my first of the summer (at least in MA) and while I really liked the beginning I am not happy with it right now. Do you ever feel like an author has betrayed your trust? I want to finish the book, because the characters are stuck in an interesting situation, but I also want to throw it down in disgust and walk away (or, rather, walk it back to the library)... ah, well.

I saw a hummingbird yesterday Mad, but it didn't make any noise, as far as I could tell :o)

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