Friday, July 16, 2010

(Maddie) Things That Go "ARRR!" in the Night

My apartment complex is located on a street full of - you guessed it - more apartment complexes (which is a common building pattern in most of non-rich L.A.). There is a fifteen to twenty foot grass alley between my sublet and the next apartment building. My room has a window that faces this alley, that normally acts as an amplifier for outside activities. The young "lady" who lives in the unit directly across from my window likes to throw parties, usually causing me to wake up sleep-deprived or extremely disorented from strange dreams. When the windows are open, I end up hearing the strangest things, normally just around the time I am trying to go to sleep (which makes for interesting dreams). This is something that took me a while to get used to in the first week or two. Now I am desensitized:)

Many of the things I overhear are inocuous (but not all): giggling (which may or may not be innocent), slurred speech, beer bottles breaking, juvenile jokes and MOVIES. When these frequent partiers feel like playing a drinking game, they pop in Pirates of the Caribbean at about 11pm (when I am going to sleep) and take a shot whenever a plot hole becomes apparent. As one can imagine, they get absolutely sloshed rather quickly. As I drift off in an attempt to peacefully slumber, my brain begins to process pirate "Arrr!"s and Hans Zimmer's swashbuckling score. And, voila! Pirate-themed dreams. I have never had so many pirate-themed dreams in such a short period in my life. What makes this more confusing is that they will also randomly break into American-butchered versions of Mexican drinking songs while watching the movie. This normally happens when they have reached the ending scenes in Cortez's cave, when it becomes apparent that no one knows what the full conditions of the curse are. If you have read this just before going to bed, do not be surpised if you see a half-drunk, lurching Captain Jack Sparrow mumbling some nonsense at you while dancing to a Mariachi Band's street corner performance. He is a frequently-confusing cast member in my dreams/nightmares, courtesy of my neighbors.

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