Thursday, July 15, 2010

(Amanda) uh, should I blog about...something?

Well, things here have fallen into a pretty regular pattern with little aberration (outside of my weekend travels that is). It is strange (and vaguely comforting) to think that I am half done here, as of this week. Yet, despite the lack of proper news and events, I feel obligated to post about something, so here is some random trivia regarding my life in MA:

The shelf above the sink in my bathroom here hits me in the forehead in exactly the same place as the shelf above our dorm room's "airplane" sink hit me all of last year. It gives the place a nice homey feeling (especially considering that the rest of the bathroom is only slightly smaller than our dorm room..."see over there by the non-functional jacuzzi? yeah, that's where my bed would be").

I don't particularly like driving on the freeway in torrential rain, but I don't really get freaked out. Also, this is one of the few times I have seen MA drivers *not* exceeding the speed limit. Amazing what flash flood warnings can do.

I just ordered my books for next semester. Ordering used books is sort of like playing Russian roulette with your future self. Will I open the book and find that every line has been highlighted in bright pink, rendering it nearly unreadable? Have I sacrificed too much to save a few dollars? Will I regret these decisions until the end of my days? (I get rather melodramatic about my books, bear with me)

Cooking is still going well, the basic directive of "don't starve" is being met on a daily basis. Yesterday I had a really awesome lunch, so awesome in fact that I had the same thing for dinner...
Mix together and heat:

rice pilaf (or normal rice, try brown?)
cannellini beans
zucchini and onions sauted in garlic
a small spoonful of prepared pesto sauce


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