Monday, July 19, 2010

(Amanda) potentialities and a lack of sharp edges, or "I have the fabric but not the scissors"

Often, when I don't feel like reading or watching something, I browse design blogs (Yummy! as my graphics professor's former graphics professor would say :o) Looking at pictures of pretty things displayed/worn in beautifully furnished homes makes me want to make things and decorate rooms (preferably on someone else's budget... someone who is actually employed...).
I have a bag of fabric from a spur of the moment JoAnne's trip (grey corduroy and a japanese umbrella print) that will become a (really, really awesome) skirt someday, but lacking sewing scissors and pins I am not in a position to make much of anything from it right now.
I don't move into our school-year apartment for a month and a half so any "decoration" currently takes the form of meandering, tentative e-mail exchanges between my roommate and me (is this chair ok? which cups should we bring? can we use this as a bookshelf? This last is the ultimate question. I think the answer is probably "42." As in: "yes, we do need 42 bookshelves...each").
So I suppose I'll just have to take copious inspiration notes and keep the (figurative) drool from damaging my keyboard.

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