Tuesday, July 6, 2010

(Amanda) walls!

Today I worked with Graphics (doesn't that sound fancy? really it's just one person), working on the layout for the interior front wall of the new black box theater (yes, the area is hard to describe). The wall in question is 9' long and the graphics will fill 7'. Now, the joke last year was that I think in 5"x7" so this really did present a challenge to my grey matter. I was charged with live tracing (tho clearly Illustrator did most of the work in this phase), cleaning up, and colorizing an image created by the Stage Manager - then deciding on fonts (from the institutional standards) and sizing and so on. I also worked on some less important paper signage, also for the theater.

Later I had a meeting with Education, to discuss my project for them, which will demand all my powers of content and styling - I have to say I'm rather excited (and nervous). I think my plan will fill a real need at the museum...I hope it works out...

Then dinner and sewing and The Tempest and making lunch for tomorrow and sweating like mad and hopefully going to sleep soon (it easily reached 100 degrees today, yick).

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