Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(Mary) the play's the ...zing!

I mentioned earlier that I was reading Hamlet on my four-mile walk a couple days ago. I forgot to mention one thing: I walked from shortly before noon till 1 or 1:30 or so and got sunburned. I guess that means I came back well-red? (I'm really proud of that one.)

Yesterday I made chicken soup without chicken soup base. Betsy and I learned how to make vegetable stock, and I used that for my base (with lots of sage, salt, pepper, probably garlic but I don't remember). It was really, really good. (I'm proud of that, too.)

Went to the main library yesterday and came back with eight books, seven of them Newberries. I was looking for Christopher Paul Curtis's new book (which I'd seen at Borders on Sunday) but ended up with a non-Newberry about Isle Royale by someone else Curtis. I think what I'll have to do when I start writing novels is take a pen name that's alphabetically next to one of my favorite authors, so when people look for his books, they find mine.

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