Monday, July 5, 2010

(Amanda) sewing, spiders, fireworks, and listing things in reverse order

Inspired by the amazing tribal stitch patterns found in this manga I just read (stop sniggering, it is beautifully drawn and the characters are just as lovely), I picked up my embroidery project again. While it is nothing so elaborate or useful as the work the characters undertake, I find it rather satisfying, and as my knitting project is at a momentary standstill it provides a welcome respite from thesis work (and hulu browsing).

Today I killed several spiders on or near my bed. This. Is. Not. Ok.

Last night I got to watch the harbor fireworks show from the deck of the Mayflower II (!). We got to the ship early, after wading through the crowds, and watched the sun go down while chatting and laughing - perhaps a bit too much. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous. The fireworks weren't bad either (though lacking the dab hand of Pat Sajak). I even managed to wear red white and blue....well, it was more like maroon, blue and tan, but hey, I tried.

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  1. *snigger* - just kidding. You're right, Miss Amanda. The manga is beautifully-drawn. I may have to check this one out:)