Monday, July 5, 2010

(Mary) angst

So I read through my last post and realized it sounded really angsty and whiny. I'm actually feeling quite content right now. So I will post some good news:

1. I walked four miles today, and it was gorgeous.

2. I'm almost finished with Act IV of Hamlet.

3. I finished all my library books (which is good or bad).

4. I made chicken soup today, and it wasn't my best chicken soup, but I did make it without any chicken soup base and it was decent. There's hope for better soup to come.

5. We've got an "Honest Tea" jar with three black-eyed Susans and one big thing of Queen Anne's Lace and a couple other green things, and it makes the apartment look a lot nicer.

6. I'm almost finished with Fr. Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul by Tony Hendra. It's almost 300 pages and I started it yesterday.

7. We've got cherries, Michigan blueberries, and peaches in our refrigerator.

8. Point #7 is a solid defense of the serial comma.

9. My little basil plants and my spider plant are doing well, as is my ivy. (My big basil plant is droopy and about dead.)

10. I found out I can buy a huge 2x4 at Home Depot for $2.

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