Saturday, July 17, 2010

(Maddie) Ummmm....*awkward turtle*

So, I just thought I'd update you all on the strange people I see in L.A. As I was waiting for an extremely late bus line (1 hour late, jerks!), I saw a near-emaciated old man walking down the sidewalk. Now, what do you think he was wearing? This is L.A., after all, so your imagination needs to be waaaaaay out there to guess this one.

Ok - you probably won't guess. This old man was wearing an XXS tank top that only covered his ribcage, followed by a girl's 10-inch plaid/pleated skirt. To complete this disturbing image, just add a pair of gray/black argyle nylon thigh-highs and girl's commando boots, and we have ourselves a winner. This is on the level of skateboarding Asian man wearing a kilt while playing a dijareedoo...but not quite as awesome. It was more disturbing. Yeah. Please erase this image from my brain.

*awkward turtle* times a hundred.

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